Cross-examine 10 things to control 2021

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10 Reflections of 2020

We all have gone through so much of learning in this unexpected global lock-down of 2020. We could have taken many micro-decisions to take back control of our life, the question is have you remember them. Take peaceful 20 minutes to self-check. I hope this gives a lot of clarity.

1) Never depend on anyone source (job, customer, project, skill, or saving). Stagnation is a serious indication that I am going downward with no action. Redesign the thinking ability can bring fortunes. What’s your new skill?

2) Relationship matters. Just being around people in party times alone doesn’t mean we got solid friends. Always count the people who speak with you daily. Do you take a special effort to speak with them & vice-versa?

3) We cannot survive on just one skill for a longer time. I should upgrade continuously and it helps to improve the curve of my personal and professional life. Many micro-course is available on the Internet for free we can use them to upgrade our skill set. Free certified course affords the power of understanding the subject. Learning becomes earning only if you understand so what’s yours?

4) Outcast the fear. Why not? Do all things which you are afraid of starting from the adoption of a stray dog to run professional basics again.

5) Practice walking meditation. Meditation is not just sitting under trees, if we can do anything without any distraction then you are living in the present. Mindful living is meditation.

6) Hold hands together. In today’s world, you have forgotten your friends. An unknown space could have developed between you two. Why not cement it with a regular call schedule. Add to your calendar to meet two of your friends’ in-person to either have lunch or dinner at the country’s outskirt. Different energy adds in you

7) Writing is clear thinking. Great business advisors like Tem Ferris says, by writing our thought we get clarity to act upon it. The greatest asset I acquired during this pandemic is Journaling. It helped me a lot to focus on the gap between thinking and doing. Write now

8) Design your life. Even for purchasing a chair, we take a lot of time to inspect and analyze the chairs’ design. So have you designed your life and daily activities? Scheduled things happen

9) What you take in the morning, after a long sleep, defines the entire day. I was chained to the phone, after noticing this I changed to grab a book to nourish my moral values. What’s your favorite book?

10) We all know the growth of Google, Facebook, and Apple Company because we saw them live in our eyes as we grow up. What if we know great people’s lives and what contributes to their greatness. My recent obsession was giant companies (Alibaba and Flipkart) and personalities (Usain Bolt and Steve Jobs). Which company do you model?



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